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Dal Khalsa Welcomes the Decision to Ban Activities of Indian Consulates in Canada, US and UK Gurdwaras Poohla's Gets Life Imprisonment for Massacre of 7 members of a Sikh family SGPC To Organize World Punjabi Language Conference Manjit Singh GK Seeks Investigations Against Punjabi Asylum Seekers in USA Punjab Police Seals Damdami Taksal Ajnala; Arrests Sikh Leaders Makkar: SGPC Has Already Asked Badal Govt to Pass Resolution of Anand Marriage in Assembly Delhi Sikh Forms Gurdwara Prabandh Sudhar Committee to ”fight against corruption” Apex Court Maintains Stay on pre-mature release of prisoners Sikh Genocide 1984: Delhi Court to record witnesses on August 5 Bhai Shamsher Singh Appreciates Bapu Surat Singh’s Struggle After Being Released for 42 Days
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